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Kenneth Bush State Representative 25B

Values You Believe In

I want to be the representative of Rochester, Minnesota who will support the right of being an American Citizen with our constitutional rights. I want to listen to your ideas and make our community an even better place to live. I will fight for our values and earn your respect as your Representative.

The Platform

Serving The Community

I grew up here in Rochester, Minnesota. My family has been part of this community for many years, working tirelessly to make it a better place all who what to work hard, contribute to society for the greater good so that everybody in our community has a chance to prosper.

United By A Common Goal

Common sense is what people want in their Representative. I am a candidate who knows the value of being connected to all of the community, I value all people and all opinions. I am running to bring people together with less Government intervention. I will be the representative who sees through the lens of regular folks, who want to keep more of what they earn for their families & business. 

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Together We Can win this race, I will need financial support for a strong media advertising, marketing, social media, virtual networking people to people campaign. if possible our team will be door knocking in the 25B district if possible when we overcome the COVID 19. I need your help in all ways possible. 

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Government Transparency

Our politicians should be creating solutions along with colleagues on both sides to respect taxpayer dollars by solving issues that are vetted by their respective constituency. I appreciate and see it as an honor to listen to new ideas with respect to traditional ones, questions or concerns. I have always been an enthusiastic listener and life learner. The people have spoken to me and I will use my communication skills to create bipartisanship. I have sat at the leadership table and have learned from experience of how government should work on the voters behalf and no just spend their tax dollars with no regard for Transparency

Workforce & Economic Development

We need to fill our Jobs and have common sense when it comes to economic development, transportation & infrastructure. I understand our economic & government environments, as a business professional, chairman of the Olmsted County planning commission, board of directors for Rochester Area Builders and a member of the Rochester Chamber of Commerce. Our state of Minnesota already has extremely high taxes, a quality work force, a strong work ethic, and a rich culture of innovation and hard work. We need to continue to enable small business growth by reducing tax and regulatory burdens on entrepreneurs. I support new start-ups & incubator projects.

Education Investment Policy

We need to reduce bureaucracy in education and allow our teachers the freedom to use new resources, as well as their skills and talents, to encourage learning in all children. We also need to ensure that parents are able to choose the best kind of education for their child and make sure children are work force ready when they leave school to contribute to their life.  

Housing & Homelessness

Creating a market-oriented housing policy that allows housing supply to fit demand and encourages the creation affordable housing through market forces can boost a state’s human capital and help to develop an area’s economy. As job opportunities grow, human capital must be there to sustain and benefit from the increased economic activity. Crafting polices that allow the most vulnerable among us to better themselves and their families by enacting common-sense housing reforms can be crucial in limiting people out of poverty.

Healthcare Innovation & Reform

Healthcare is one of the biggest issues facing families today. The current system is unworkable and ineffective and we need to return to a patient centered healthcare system. We need to get insurance and pharmaceutical companies along with big government out of the business of mandatory health insurance for individuals and small business.

Energy & Environment

Being good stewards of our natural resources is a good thing, while promoting energy independence, is a bi-partisan concern. I believe in an "All Energy Approach". I’ll support solutions to protect our state’s water quality and champion affordable energy solutions that work for Minnesota businesses, consumers and our environment — while encouraging American energy independence.'

About Us


“Ready to Serve My Constituency with Honor”

I am grateful to have the experience by participating and learning about Rochester issues and how the legislative process works for my hometown of Rochester, Minnesota for whom I care about, live and love our community. 

”Let’s Make Our Community Great“.



Reduce Government Wasteful Ways

Reduce Government Wasteful Ways

Reduce Government Wasteful Ways

I understand clearly the struggles of individuals, families & business. Minnesota needs Representation that understand it’s businesses that feed the non for profit communities. I am conservative with compassion and I will respect the times we are in and I pray we get through it together. I pledge to respect the taxpayers who fund our social programs that work and reform the ones that don’t provide a return on taxpayer investments. 


Pro Constitution

Reduce Government Wasteful Ways

Reduce Government Wasteful Ways

Defending the right to life, protecting religious rights, political and economic liberties, and respecting personal privacy and property to preserve civil rights and ensure that government treats all citizens equally under the law. 


Pro Jobs

Pro People

Pro People

We need to have common sense when it comes to our workforce, Our state government counties, townships and city municipal need to stop the overwhelming business. In my talks with many owners I come to believe them based on my experience as a small business owner. One example is our workforce and for sale housing, healthcare crisis as the fees and taxes on business will hurt tenants, their employee, consumers who expect service & buy goods and families who depend on a paycheck to keep our economy thriving 


Pro People

Pro People

Pro People

I come from humble beginnings and my heart has an understanding of gratitude. We must United as one Nation and I am the candidate that will build bridges of all walls of life and not barriers. United We Stand & Divided We Fall. I stand up for my community and all those who want to achieve the AmericanIan Dream for their Families & Friend. “Together We Can” I Believe it’s the People’s Government and not a collection box for the Unions & Lobbyist with all due respect 


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